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Friday, November 20, 2015

Love alone is not enough

This post has been moved. It can be viewed here.


  1. Wonderful analysis and response to Waleed Aly's speech about the "Islamist terrorist attack" on Paris.

  2. Thanks Mark, appreciate you balanced view of the current season.

  3. Such an elegant and concise rebuttal of Mr Aly's facile words.

  4. First reasonable thing I have heard from the Anglican Church for a long time!

  5. Well done Mark.

    As a practising Anglican in SE Melbourne, I want to see this text reprinted in all the Anglican newspapers across Australia.

    We can guess the likelihood.

    The truth that Mark speaks, in my opinion, requires the unchaining of the stifling effects of restrictive
    free speech laws such as Clause 18C.

    As a 59 year old gay man, I am a high target from extremist Islam and I rather think I have a substantial vested interest in my own survival, alongside the very long list of Infidels.

    I feel I am living in the film Lord of the Rings, with commentary now contemplating the need for vast marshalled armies forming a Grand Coalition to defeat ISIS.

    As a quote from the book says from Frodo to Sam....."we are all playing a part in a great story and we don't know how its going to end".

    A Ring Bearer might need to appear.

    Thank you Mark once again.

    Tim Renouf

  6. Love and truth
    On one level this is a very significant caution as to how speaking of love as Waleed Aly did can be just a feel good without real meaning. On another level if we separate love and truth then we diminish both. Love is truth snd truth is love might seem a platitude yet at the very essence of life. The question is which comes first. A. Person has to want to know the truth and come to love truth. Finding the truth begins with truth. Hence the importance of Waleed Aly's position. If we love one another we will want to know the others truth. This then lays the foundations for finding God's truth amidst the disparity of religions.

  7. Perhaps love without truth is not fully love, and truth without love is not fully truth.


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