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Monday, December 28, 2009

Major Nidal M. Hasan's Jihad Seminar Explained

This post has been moved.  Read it here.


  1. Mark,
    Extremely well articulated and a great service to seekers after truth. Will we be afraid of saying in 1400 years time that Nazism was a vicious and radical ideology bent on the ethnic cleansing of all but the pure? We are 1400 years after another radical ideology that is bent on a dictatorial control of the human race but today we are not allowed to expose it for fear of not being politically correct. Your expose of Nidal Hasan's Powerpoint presentation shows from their own committed people what is the Koranic ideology that we are up against. Keep it up Mark, you're doing a great job. A friend in a dangerous country.

  2. Thank you Mark for this expose. Let us pray with hope that the American government will take this seriously, as should others including the UK.


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