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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Nag Hammadi massacre and the Collective Character of the dhimma

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  1. The collective character of dhimmi indeed - as also evidenced by further outbreaks of the oppression of dhimmis in Malaysia with the recent fire-bombing of churches in Selangor state and now the 'firman' enforceable by the state's Sharia courts - a list banning the use (by Christians) of what Muslims call Islamic words - such as 'nabi' (prophet) and 'rasul' (apostle) 'injil' (gospel) 'wahyu' (revelation) 'ilahi' (divine) 'ibadah' (worship) 'dakwah' (preach) and so on - some 33 words and 15 expressions related to the word 'Allah'. Of course you would be aware that 'rasul' and 'nabi' in the Bahasa language Bibles refer to Christ.

    The Malaysian government has not only allowed this to occur, it has done little to stop the burning of churches and arresting the arsonists. All this in a Muslim-majority country that is supposedly a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural secular Western-style democracy.

    Everything you have described in your post - the actions and the Islamic religious justification for them is true and has come to pass. Why don't the democratic countries like Australia cry out against such despicable oppression? The Malaysians have no such qualms about criticising Australia and slandering us as colonialists and racists - but we daren't say anything about them. These things are only a step away from the apalling murderous violence that broke out against Christian communities in Sulawesi and Ambon not that long ago.

    To remain silent is to allow such outrages to continue. As you point out, this is a common pattern around the world in any Muslim country where there remains (for how long?) a Christian or non-Muslim minority.


  2. The Reformation in Europa during the 16th was more than a renewal, but sooner a definite separation from the Roman Catholic church hiearchy, the main point of contention was about salvation: 'justified by good works' versus 'being saved by grace' ( and it still is! )including a host of other things: Transsubstantiation, papal infallibility, purgatory, immaculate conception to name a few.
    Maarten Luther, but mostly followers of Calvin underwent serious persecution during that time for becoming Evangelical Christians, reading their own bible, which caused the birth of many different denominations, in general called Protestants, still with irreconcilable issues in regard to the motherchurch ( RCC ) Stelwagen


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