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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Is naturalization of Muslims in non-Muslim nations forbidden by Islam?

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  1. If the west does not read this; they are negligent. If the west does not understand what is being said in this article; they are unconscious. If the west does not take what is written here seriously; they are committing a crime against their future generations! A serious crime!

    Rich Blessings Revd. Mark.

  2. Wise words. By the way, Mark's book "The Third Choice" is perhaps the most important book ever written on what it is the Islamists are fighting for.

  3. God bless you Dr Mark Durie ,
    as an ex Muslim I cant agree more with you,may western countries realize the real danger of Islam before it is too late.

  4. What else is there to say? Why is nothing being done to remedy this situation? Is there a fear of offending the Oil Barons of the Middle East? This problem will have to be resolved in Europe and in other territories.They are gaining a foothold in Europe, in establishing their schools with taxpayers monies and installing extremist Muslim doctrine by brainwashing the young.They arrogantly demand rights in the West which would never be granted to Westerners in 'Muslim lands'. Persecution of other faiths in their jurisdictions are legion. Ignore this at your peril.

  5. The recent comments by Hizb ut Tahrir at their 01 Nov 2015 conference in Sydney, "Muslim until proven guilty" seem to suggest that a person cannot be a pious Muslim AND a loyal Australian, believing in and practicing Australian values, like toleration, democracy and respect for women.
    It would be really good if this claim by HuT were examined. [By the way, I do not think you can be a pious Muslim AND a citizen of a democracy, if you accept, as all Muslims must, tawheed (that Allah is alone and so is the sole legislator and only he can be obeyed), and al-wala wal bara. To accept the legitimacy of civil society and that all people, irrespective of religion are entitled to equal consideration, violates the very axioms of Islam, and salafi islamism & jihadism in particular.


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