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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Islamic Reformation and Playing Cards

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  1. Sadly Mark, the only escape from Islam is death or apostasy (which is the same thing I guess, given the prescribed penalty for apostasy under sharia). That's bad news for all Muslims, not just the women of Islam.

  2. Mark,
    Stephen gave me a copy of The third choice. I found it interesting and well written.

    I think you are the ideal person to write a book the title of which would be Al-Lah is NOT akhbar; systematically going through the 99 claims of superiority and demonstrating that all, or almost all of them are false claims of superiority.

    Ken Bilston

  3. Mark Durie,

    Recently at Jihad Watch, in the comments thread to an article about Islam and female genital mutilation, I had occasion to use your argument that the Muslim translator of the Reliance of the Traveler, Keller, had mistranslated a key passage relating to female circumcision.

    However, as I examined your argument more closely, there were a few problems, which I detailed in my comment at Jihad Watch (see link below). Could you please read my comment and answer my concerns which I lay out there? I would much appreciate it.

    (Note: in my comment, I mistakenly refer to Keller as a female.)

    Of special value would be a word-by-word literal translation into English of the original Arabic from the relevant passage in the Reliance of the Traveler: then we could see more clearly how Keller's translation is erroneous.

    You had you provided a picture of that passage in the original Arabic as part of your testimony documented in this pdf file:


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