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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Review of Wafa Sultan's "A God who Hates"

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  1. Thanks for this Mark,

    I remember Wafa sayting much the same thing when she was in Melbourne three years ago, and linked to its vision of a God that was hateful and vindictive, Islam did not qualify as a religion at all, because love should lie at the heart of religion.

    My memory may not serve me well, but it was along these lines that she spoke.

    A very courageous women, but also one in need of a Saviour



  2. Thank you for this article,

    I read her book. A very good and disturbing book at the same time.

    My native language is french, and I read recently a book written in french (it will be translated in English), the title is "Le prix à payer". It's about the story of a Muslim (from Iraq) who became christian. This Muslim is now living in France. He paid the "big price" to become christian because under the sharia law you don't have the right to quit Islam. The fact is that they are Muslims looking for another God than the God of Islam. They are looking for a God of Love. They are looking for a God who IS Love. Some of them feel very liberated when the discover the God of Jesus-Christ, and when they become Christians, they may become even better Christians than us because they experiment a very (very) deep liberation.



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