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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Nagla al-Imam, convert to Christianity, sings about religious persecution

This video has moved. Read it here.


  1. This is an amazing story of a very brave woman, however, I can't in all honnesty see a petition signed by Christians and other westerners, having any effect in the halls of power within the Islamic world. I can't see a petition signed by Muslims to ahve any real effect in the Islamic world.

    Despite her great bravery, I would suggest she runs. Christ is worth giving your life for, no doubt, but is staying and making a statment for God woth risking the kids to be taken away, and forced back into the Islamic way of life. If it were only her life ont he line Iw ould say that shes doing the right thing, but with the kids involved she should flee.

  2. Brave woman and more examples of a cruel religion.

    I hope she flees to the USA or Europe and spends the rest of her days berating the muslim world on the lecture circuit and from her own website.

  3. God be with you sister. May Jesus Christ our Lord fly to you r rescue for the sake of your charming kids. You have my prayers. God be with you three

  4. Carla Jesus Christ worshipperJuly 16, 2010 at 5:43 PM

    Oh Jesus my Lord please hold their hands and guide them to a safe place.. If it is your will that they have suffered enough please free them from the hands of these criminals and let the torture stop. Amen

    I beleive that every good muslam person in the world should stand against these criminal rules set by the arab countries and ask for their eliminations.

    Please Lord hear my prayer. Jesus and Mary I love YOU save the souls..

  5. God Bless this courageous woman and her family.

    My advice also would be to get out of there for the sake of your children. It's possible that you can get word of your ordeal out to the world if you were living in the West.

    I will pray for you and I will pray for them. I will ask God to please change their hearts, before the day comes when they will have to account for their actions.

  6. Heavenly Father please keep this woman and her children safe from harm. They have given up their religion in order to follow our Lord Jesus Christ. Please guide them to safety for we need them to be able to let the rest of the world know what a horrendous religion Islam is.

  7. lord i pray may u give courage to her and family.i believe that the lord will protect u and family!may his shalom always with u and family.the lord has purpose in your live to tell the truth about Islam and it lies.

  8. This "Human rights activist" advocates sexual harassment of Israeli women -

  9. She said that interview was doctored, and edited to make it seem that way as part of the campaign to discredit her. When I checked it out, this did seem to be true.


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