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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"You exploit the very freedoms that democracy gives you" Tracy Grimshaw on Channel 9 TV.

Tracy Grimshaw, host of Nine Network's A Current Affair conducted a gutsy interview of Australian Hizb-ut Tahrir spokesperson Uthman Badar. The background for the interview was Hizb-ut Tahrir's second Caliphate Conference, held Sydney Australia on Sunday 4 July.

Grimshaw presented Badar with quotes from the Hizb-ut Tahrir website.  He refused to reject the proposition that "He who does not rule by Islam should either retract or be killed", saying that was not going to respond to soundbites, and "there is a very clear difference between a man-centric worldview and a God-centric one."

Grimshaw's crucial challenge to Badar went unanswered:
"By any perception, you are exploiting the very freedoms which you exhort your followers to reject.  ... If it were not for our secular democracy that you have denounced you would not be allowed a voice in this country."

At the end of 2006 I expressed concern about the first Australian Caliphate conference, held in January 2007:
"This event is a manifestation of the mechanisms for radicalisation within the Australian Islamic community, and their vitality.
If we wake up in 10 years' time and wonder what went wrong, historians who are able to look back and analyse the rise of radical Islam in Australia will identify events such as this conference as part of the answer."
Tracy Grimshaw must be commended for her bold interview, and her courage to tackle the moral bloody-mindedness of a group which exploits freedom in order to destroy it.

The original Channel 9 video link is here.


  1. Hi Mark.

    I watched that interview last night and would have loved Tracy to have asked him if he thought Australia is an Islamic Country?

  2. Thanks Mark for posting this video.. please correct me if I am wrong.. Is Uthman Badar trying to say that democracy should grant him the freedom to believe, express, and practice the subjugation of non-Muslims to Muslim??Is he thinking democracy should protect his "rights" to kill the infidels??
    May God have mercy!

  3. Mark, you may enjoy my post on why Latin Christendom overtook Islam. Some of the factors I identity, such as ability to utilise talent, may be relevant to Ms Grimshaw's actions :)

  4. Thanks Craig - an interesting question! I think Badar would have said it is not an Islamic country.

  5. Esther - I think Uthman Badar is saying that he should entitled to have his opinions. He is appealing to the principle of freedom of speech. However he does not believe in this freedom if the speech involves speaking ill of Islam. This is a completely one-sided view of relationships between religions. Freedom for him means Islam should dominate, and other faiths should be subservient.
    Please note: he is not actually speaking about killing infidels. However he refused to deny that rejecters of Islam should be killed.

  6. Lorenzo - thanks for much for that - I will indeed visit your post. Yes, Ms Grimshaw's talent would not easily find an outlet in a world designed by Hizb-ut-Tahrir. The waste of women's talents is a huge drag on the economies of sharia societies.


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