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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fear of Islam: Facts Fuel Growing Unease. A View from Australia.

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  1. What an eye opener. That was an excellent article.

  2. Hi Mark

    Just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work. You present some alarming details but you are not an alarmist. I like the way you keep people informed in such a balanced and honest way. Please keep up the great work and make sure it is disseminated far and wide.

  3. It's not all about fear. It's also about resistance. Opposition to islam. I'm wholeheartedly against Islam and I want to fight it all the way.

    Including those who adhere to this ideologi. With democratic means of cause. Such as cartoons, satire, placards, campaigns, writigs, blogging, videos etc.

    The left always says that it's importat to keep people on the right out of influence. So I guess we have the same right? We CAN work on keeping Islams supporters out of influince. Right?

    If anyone thinks that we will "include" people with islamic views they'll have to think again. Regardless of their skincolor, gender, nationality, sexual orientation and all else, - such people are despicable. Moderates as well as not moderates.

    Fear has very little to do with it for quite a lot of us.

  4. I have corrected an error in an earlier version of this article: the sharia penalty of flogging was became law in Sudan in 1983. Flogging had existed earlier, since British times, as a penalty for minors to prevent them from being jailed, but the specific sharia penalty of flogging was brought in in 1983 under Nimeiri as part of the nation-wide implementation of the sharia legal code.

  5. Dear Universalgeni - I appreciate your point. Speaking personally, I don't encourage fear as a response to radial Islam. This can be a most unhelpful response, and I for one am full of hope. But in the face of what is going on around the world today, it is an understandable response, and as such need not be regarded as at an irrational phobia.
    And if anyone is to be 'blamed' for inciting fear,It must be radical Muslims, for their words and actions.

  6. Thanks, Mark Durie. Islam is just a point of view. Like political opinions. Asking Christians to include Muslims is like asking Conservatives to include Communists.

    Natually Conservatives would work on keeping Communists out of influence. And try to win them over to a better ideologi.

    As a conservative I don't like Communists. I don't like their views on human beings. And as a Christian I have the same opinion about persons who subscribe to islam. I want to tell them why they're wrong, critize them for their viewpoints, try to win them over and convince others to keep a distance to islamic values.

    All this tolerance talk is 90 percent nonsens. Should the German Jews have included the Nazis and their values? Or vice versa? So that the Jews would have killed themselves? Or what?

    There is no way I'll include any Islamic values here. So that natually goes for the persons who have them as well.

    I will only muster that minimum of tolerance thet is required by law.

  7. Review the word "apostate." This is a person that does not believe. There is a muslim teaching that states that apostates must be eradicated. One such example was posted on CNN.COM on 3-22-2011 "Espousing Religion." The muslim, because he has a differing view from his brothers has been threatened of life and family. So you state that I a westerner should not fear these people...that somehow they are not radical? I respectfully differ your opinion. I am not religous, and don't plan to be. I see things from a scientific approach and I believe that all of you that have a different view, I respect...provided that you are not forcing your religion upon me. The Christians are not threatening to kill me, yet the Muslims believe that you either believe there way or die.

  8. I once believed in the idiom "Fear Not but Fear Itself," but one look at the real Islam, and I realize that fear is not irrational. In 1900, no one in Germany could have imagined the Nazi regime, but the resulting world war and its fatalities/atrocities are more than enough to show any doubters what a small group of organized and well armed nuts can accomplish in a relatively short time frame. I believe that the west is doomed to its own excesses of liberal ideology. I.E., the why do we kill people who kill people mentality of those opposed to capital punishment. I could go further, but I wont. Your article was very well done, and with any luck more intellectuals will begin to write on the potential threats of a Western Islamic Nation. Maybe that way the naysayers will slowly begin to see the light. It's unfortunate, but those who are less educated and presently voicing their opinions against Islam in any public forum are just not getting anything accomplished. In general, their views are expressed with little more than gut-level anger, and little meaningful and rational thought. At the same time, Hitler and Mussolini were not exactly ideal examples of rational thought and behavior when it came to speaking in public. What we Westerners do need to do, however, is unite together in solidarity, or I fear our culture will inevitably be lost.

  9. Pakistani Woman Charged with ‘Blasphemy’ for
    How can we exist with these people???

    Refusing Islam -

    A young mother has been falsely accused of “blaspheming” Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, because she rebuffed attempts by relatives who had converted to Islam to force her to renounce her Christian faith, family members said.


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