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Monday, February 7, 2011

The NY Times' affection: for Khomeini (1979) and the Muslim Brotherhood (2011)

This post has been moved. It can be read here.


  1. Found new mp3 at The Christian Worldview (radio show):

  2. Dr Durie,

    I am growing to be a great admirer of your work. My copy of "The Third Choice" is already on its way from Amazon, and I have very much enjoyed the various videos of your lectures available online.

    Could I perhaps refer you to one you delivered at Grand Rapids, entitled "Understanding Islam"? During the lecture you refer to a handout, a list of twelve conceptual obstacles that may prevent us from comprehending the reality of Islam.

    I know this is supremely cheeky, but might there be any way I could get my hands on this list? Thank-you. And I'm sorry to impose on your valuable time.

  3. Hi Pierre - can you send me an email. Click on "Mark Durie" next to this comment and follow through to find an email address.


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