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Friday, October 28, 2011

MyPeace on Australian TV and "Islamic Values"

This post has moved. It can be found here.


  1. The Australian public's conception of the violent Islam is a legitimate one resulting from the many Islamic theologically biased acts of violence manifested by practicing Muslims who have scholarly knowledge of Islam. My- Peace need to address these issues to those Muslims who practice this hateful violent acts, rather than to the Australian peaceful public. Shifting the legitimate concerns of the Australian public into an accusation of misconception - at a time when practicing Muslims are slaughtering the Copts of Egypt, massacring the Assyrians of Iraq, beheading Islam leavers, defending young girl's forced marriage - can only be read as projection and deceive to the Australian public.

  2. If I see one of these ads, I will contact the channel, tell them of my strong objections to the ad (using the information above about the misleading use of the text), and also tell them that I will contact other sponsors of any programs during which I see the ad to say that I will not watch those programs as long as the channel continues to show the ad. If enough people voice their objections to channels and sponsors, we might make an impact.

  3. My Peace is doing a wonderful job Durie. If you have a problem with that, that is your headache. They have every right to address the issue as they please and might I add they address it wonderfully.Your post reeks of your own insecurities.

  4. To Anonymous, comment no. 3. Your comment is a good example to the Australian public on the new rules of the game that they are being introduced to. No Anonymous, it is not Durie's problem alone, it is the Australian public's problem. No Anonymous, in a society that respects the individual and values telling the truth, my-peace are not free to to address the issue with deception. In Australia, the game is played by different rules. Australians make others accountable when they chose to address the public. In Australia integrity counts and lack of integrity will be openly criticised.

  5. How can you condemn the demonisation of religious minorities in Muslim countries, while at the same time doing all you can to demonise a religious minority in your own country? I'm sorry, but someone who has one rule for themself and another one for others is just not credible. Please note that I would say the same thing if I read an article by a Muslim who was baiting Christians and insinuating that they followed underhanded tactics designed to destroy Muslims, as this article does the other way around.

  6. Bob S. - I normally don't allow ad hominem attacks and personal vilification in comment posts (see guidelines in italics above), but in this case I'm glad to reply to your personal attack on me.
    First it is not the 'demonization' of 'minorities' which I normally write about, but incitement against them and active persecution. My issue with persecution of Christians in Muslim lands is not that some Muslims consider Christians to be evil, but that Christian's human rights are trampled upon.

    Second, I made no comment about Australian Muslims at all. I certainly did not characterize them as 'evil' or 'demonic'. My beef was with MyPeace's add. And even with that, what I gave were truthful, accurate reflections about MyPeace's own statements, about relevant contextual contents of the Qur'an (it is wrong to take verses of scriptures out of context), and about a respected commentator on the Qur'an (Ibn Kathir).
    None of these I characterised as evil or demonic. I do confess I said it was 'not nice'.

    Do YOU feel Ibn Kathir's interpretation of this passage is 'demonic', or that what MyPeace has to say about Christianity was 'demonic', or that the context of Sura 5:32 in the Qur'an is 'evil'? Are YOU not demonizing the Qur'an, MyPeace and Ibn Kathir by claiming that my factual report is demonization?

    Third, I don't believe MyPeace is 'underhand' (i.e. deceptive). The claim to be 'addressing misconceptions' is nevertheless disingenuous (less than straightforward) because MyPeace is a missionary website: its goal is not to inform but to convert. They are not dishonest, but nevertheless not candid either. It is their right to proselytize. And rational and reasonable that others could challenge their message and evaluate it in the light of the Qur'an and of course on the basis of what MyPeace's own words.

    Third, I did not insinuate that MyPeace is deploying tactics designed to destroy Christians. What an appalling suggestion - again you demonize them by suggesting that the drawing attention to the context of their quote implies such a thing.

    My point was more specific - that the verse they cited occurs in the context of verses in the Qur'an which are hostile to those who oppose Islam. It is an irony that they would use such a verse to promote positive regard for Islam. You don't think that is ironic?


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