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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hatred Sounds Sweeter in Arabic?

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  1. Will Muslim clerics ever take responsibility for their harmful and sometimes criminal teachings? Or they will continue to claim that they are only dummies in the hands of an unaccountable supreme power?

  2. Mark, are you suggesting that because he hold views offensive to some he should not be allowed into Australia?

  3. Hello Anonymous. I was not suggesting anything about Government policy. However if you ask me, what I think is that calling for the annihilation of the Jews is not just something which is 'offensive to some' - it is a whole order awfulness worse than that. Yes, I do think that people who use their respected position of authority to specifically call for genocide of a nation should not be allowed into Australia. That would be a rational policy decision for our Government to make.

  4. Can you understand why some might think having Geert Wilders come to Australia is not a good idea?

  5. Dear Anonymous,
    You would appear to be inviting me to entertain a moral equivalence between a cleric who calls for the slaughter of millions without moral scruples, and a politician who calls for immigration controls and the imposition of traditional Dutch values on immigrant communities.

    Is your moral worldview really so perverse?

    And yes, I believe I do understand why some think it would be better if Wilders did not come to Australia. I also understand why the Sheikh of Mecca has called for the annihilation of Jews. Understanding someone's thinking - being able to analyze it and acknowledge its guiding principles - is not the same thing as agreeing.

  6. Great work, Mr Durie. Cannot understand the mindset of the two anonymous posters above, let alone these imams.

    I don't think they'll change their tune until they start losing and all the West does, is give them more easy wins.

  7. Well done yet again Mark. I wish I could expound logic and balance as well as you do.
    As far as I am concerned the Line in the Sand is just about upon us now in Australia. It is reckless and negligent not to hear what is happening across Europe.
    Free speech was the bedrock of Geert Wilders news articles we have seen this week, as was his Melbourne speech.
    1520 - Martin Luther
    Called to account to the Pope for his beliefs, he replied
    "Here I stand I can do no other. God help me. Amen"
    A free society must uphold the right to question any aspect of any religion or belief system, adverse or positive.
    Here I stand I can do no other.



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