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Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Abrahamic Fallacy

This post has been moved. It can be read HERE.


  1. Thank you. May I add that just because a cult claims 'Abraham' as a previous prophet does not ligitimise the cult's teachings. It would be a Fallacy of Association in reverse. And there are many cults in the past and in recent times which based their teachings on extrapolations of the bible, ie Jim Jones and David Koresh: anyone with charisma can do that.

  2. Very helpful article. On a matter of language would it not be better to drop the word 'story' or 'stories' when refering to Biblical narrative which should be understood as history? A word like account or record or history. To use 'story' in contexts where historic narrative is written implies something less than actual happenings but rather something akin to 'made up stories'.

  3. I regard the phrase as a slur. New Atheists have often used this phrase as a lazy way of tar and feathering three major religions that have significant differences. Besides, Abraham didn't found Christianity or Islam. There is no such thing as an "Abrahamic religion."


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