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Friday, September 26, 2014

Muslims Need Truth and Love

This blog post has been moved. It can now be read HERE.


  1. Your methods are akin to weeding a field of dandelions by hand so as to avoid a perception of being unkind to dandelions. In the meantime your people "starve" for lack of a good field. You know they must be uprooted but choose only those in flower or seed, knowing that eventually all must come out. The truth is that the incorrigble cannot be reformed as God has given them over to the lies they believe.

  2. Muslim lobby have enough public voice to organise themselves or ask our for the obvious, serious well funded and well muscled apostasy protection. They never have, not has the left wing who "support' them asked for it.

    All else is spin. Meanwhile my people are being murdered by a cult that is above the law.


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