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Friday, July 3, 2015

Sex Slavery and the Islamic State

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  1. Mark

    As I'm sure you appreciate, when it comes to acknowledging the inherent violence in Islam, denial is the default setting of Western politicians from David Cameron to Tony Abbott, Barak Obama to John Key, not to mention the French and most of the European establishment.

    If the killing of thirty citizens on the beaches of Tunisia doesn't motivate the British PM beyond attacking the BBC for calling the Islamic State the 'Islamic State', then it's difficult to see how this problem can begin to be addressed.

    I note even the mainstream media is showing some incredulity at the PM's desire to airbrush Islam out of the Islamic State.

  2. Thank you Mark for a compelling analysis. Accomodating evil is not an option if Western democratic values are to survive. Appeasement and surrender to barbaric ideologies endanger all of our freedoms.

  3. Has there ever been such a denial of the truth in a democratic West as we see today? The lie that Islam is a religion of peace is an insult to a persons intelligence, as may be freely discovered by reading the koran. Thank you Mark for another very honest anaysis of real facts.

  4. Thank you so much for this article! I cannot help that the reason our Politicians etc. have difficulty in linking Islam to these atrocities is that they simply cannot bear to think that anything of the sort could ever take place in Australia. It is much easier to deny reality than to fight it head on. It rally is a form of appeasement - and we all know how that did so well in Chamberlain's Britain don't we?

  5. "Islamic sex slavery is religiously sanctioned ‘guilt-free sex’."

    Perhaps more accurate to say that it is "guilt-free rape."


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