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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Is Islam a Religion of Peace?

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  1. When westerners and Muslims talk about peace, they have different concept and ideas about meaning of the word. In the West it is automatically assumed that our idea about peace is universal. This article has touched basic differences about subject of peace, but this is true on many other subjects.

  2. @ Boshko:
    what you say is true, there are many instances were the same words are used to describe entirely difference concepts for Muslims and non-Muslims ("peace" being one). This has the effect of:
    a) Muslims and non-Muslims "talking past" each other since each interprets the others' words by their own concepts or
    b) the cleverer Muslims using this fact for taqiyya.
    - - - - -
    On a more general point: the "Islam is peace" slogan and variants is so pervasive that even those critical of Islam fall into the trap.
    Witness the writer "Adil" on the San Bardino mass murder: "“As the motive behind San Bernardino shooting unfolds, the reactions mould into the typical mode. A small faction directs their wrath to Muslim communities and threats, intimidation, and attacks on mosques…"
    Consider the difference between the language used when describing the actions of Muslims and non-muslims in the first two sentences:

    “shooting”. What or who was shot? The term is vague and unemotional, whereas the event being described was mass-murder and maiming.

    “…wrath to Muslim communities and threats, intimidation, and attacks on mosques…” Here the language is much more threatening and emotional in nature, we have wrath, threats, intimidation and attacks.

    My point is that language matters.
    Language shapes the nature of debate and opinion and all writers, commentators and pundits need to think about HOW they express things.
    CAIR et al think about such things carefully in the, often successful, attempt to shape public opinion, those that are opposed to the on-going Jihad to Islamise the world (a la Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR etc.) need to take as much care in their use of language also.

  3. Moderate islam is still a problem for western values . We will never accept their oppressive cult . . No not ever . .

    1. What western values do you mean?
      Historicaly the westen values have meant Christianity, but today the west largely rejects Christianity.

  4. Science has taken over from man made scriptured religions,which doesn't mean people have turned evil.I am not religious,but live by treat others as I would like to be treated.I employ a belief system which is helpful,loving,compassionate,utilising common sense


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