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Monday, December 28, 2015

Minister for Islamic Apologetics

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  1. It disturbs me when claims are made about the moderate Muslim desiring peace when virtual no Muslim will unreservedly condemn the actions of the so called extreme Muslim. I spent time in Israel and as such I had direct deal go with many Muslims and it is sad to report that the minority were moderates and mostly because they chose not to trust Israel for their protection. The so called extreme Muslim, and Arafat was one of the extreme, would destroy a whole family because one would officially connect with an Israeli. This extreme action of Islam was fully supported by the Australian Union of Students when I returned to Australia. Waving peace flags they threw what ever they had at me when I opposed the stupid claims at Newcastle Uni. We do not like the facts because if we do we will have to support the only working democracy in the Middle East and that is Israel. We are careful not to support Israel too strongly if at all.
    We need to get some reality pills very soon before we unleash that which will not be able to be tethered again.

    1. "the peaceful majority are irrelevant" Brigitte Gabriel


  3. Suggest that a part from the role of the Immams that you state, the Prophet Mohammed is, in practice an exclusive mediator. His role in Islam being far more exclusive than the role of any other person in any of the major religions. In claiming that he, Mohammed received the Quran from the Angel Gabriel, he says that it is unchangeable and that anyone who does so will suffer eternal damnation. The principal of abrogation means that even obvious contradictions have to be excepted. This extreme role is continued in Islam since his time in the way that the prophet, his life and teachings are regarded and revered. Take Charlie Hebdo as an example.
    In saying this the role of Jesus, is far less extreme, for some of the reasons stated in this blog, the complexity of the Christian belief that He is both human and Devine (denied by Mohammed) and for the role of the Holy Spirit, in 'reminding us of what [Jesus] said and leading us into all truth'. (John 14: 26)


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