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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Islam and the dhimma pact

This article has been moved. Read it here.


  1. Well done, sir. You've written a thorough, well researched article!

    I take only slight issue with your statement that, "The practice [of jizya] continued as late as 1950 in Afghanistan."

    In fact, the practice continues as late as 2010. Jizya is imposed against Sikhs in India, against Jews in Yemen, and in the Philippines & Iraq. Meanwhile, the governments of those countries turn a blind eye.

  2. Thank you American Delight. You are of course quite right about the jizya's continuation in the preset. I discuss this in The Third Choice (pp.191-194) and include reference to all the cases you refer to. I was not able to include this in the National Observer article due to space constraints.

  3. Ah, excellent.

    Footnote: I'm sure that John Brennan will be telling us soon that jizya is a legitimate tenet of Islam...

  4. G'day Mark,

    Thank you for posting this.

    In the section "The conditions: dhimmi laws" there is a duplication in the bullet-point list of restrictions. The fourth item is the same as the 7th:
    - Prohibition of criticism of Islam
    - Prohibition on critiquing Islam

    Regards, David


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