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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Warning to the US: Don't play by Islamic rules. by Douglas Murray

Douglas Murray has written an important lucid article on the subversion of the debate on Islam in America:

Murray on the paradox of the so-called Islamic reformers:
The tragedy is that for many of the so-called reformers, ... their task can, they believe, only be fulfilled by attacking those who speak the truth about Islam. They attempt to retain what little credibility they have by denying what are to very many of us self-evident and demonstrable truths about Islam. It has become the default position of European — and now American — governments to ground their resistance to Islamic extremism in the bolstering of people who are going out and telling what to our societies must be seen to be untruths. It is as though we had fought the Cold War while disallowing any criticism of communism.
And questions for America:
Do Western liberal democracies have the right to say the truth as we see it or must we be truth-neutral? Must we pretend we have no past but rather simply a clean slate on which whoever is loudest can write most surely? Are our societies to be forced to have every debate not on our own terms but rather in an increasingly Islamic key? Are we always to be the aggressor or are there times when we can justifiably claim to be the victims?
Read the whole article at STANDPOINT.