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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

International Burn a Koran Day - Why it was a bad idea

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  1. Mark, I am so glad you approached this complex subject with your usual well informed articulated analyses. Thanks a lot.

  2. I agree with Amani, a good round up of the issue Mark.

  3. I agree that burning a Koran is not particularly helpful, but Muslims are an awfully sensitive lot. Michelle Malkin has just written an article showing how sensitive Muslim's are:

  4. Hmmm a Fatwa on the fat guy for even thinking about burning the quran

  5. I commented on the similar story posted on Australian Conservative.
    Last year, an unnamed American church sent unsolicited bibles to Afghanistan in the two most common languages used. The military confiscated and burnt them to avoid proselytizing, which could have endangerd the lives of the civillians and Christian population residing in a country of devoted Muslims.
    Maybe there is a connection with this pastor and this is was retaliation pict up and taken out of context for political reasons.
    It certainly happens, look what media frenzy there was over the Gaza flotilla.
    The National Council of Churchs and even the Pope weighed in.

  6. L Newington has raised a good point - the US army has been burning Bibles in Afghanistan!! It was disappointing to hear President Obama denounce burning scriptures of any faith, without acknowledging that the army he heads has been destroying Bibles in this way. This beautifully illustrates the problem of lack of reciprocity, and how we are getting different rules for different religions: OK to burn Bibles, but not OK to burn Korans. Perhaps the President could issue a list of scriptures which it is OK to burn, and ones which might sometimes be burned, and others which should never be burned under any circumstances. That at least we could all know where we stand!

  7. Mark, there is a story from the National Catholic Reporter link you maybe be interested in;
    New York Times November 1st 2010 Premonitions of Danger at Baghdad Church Held Hostage.
    It refers in part to our above comments September 12,2010


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