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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Dhimma Time Warp Returns for the Copts of Egypt

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  1. I see it and feel so powerless to do anything about it. As a Christian I do not want to feel angry and enraged but I do, by the politicos, etc that accept and allow Islam to gain such power and privilege in our countries. Seeing it for years in the UK and now seeing Australia going the same way. We felt the uprising in the Arab states would not enable democracy to take hold, and feel things will only get worse.
    Listening to converts, it was stated that it is the only religion that has equality for women and they do not have to go through a man to reach God. A great ignorance of the Bible as well as the koran. I sadly feel this is the status of the wider populace. If your article says that Islam will prove much more enticing that Christianity because of appearances, I think it is well on the way. What churches are being built, what are the young seeing to attract them to Christianity, where is the power. I am afraid they are finding attractive another sort of power and it isn't The Holy Spirit. God help us.

  2. I was in the city on Sunday afternoon, and some Muslim evangelists had a table set up in the street where they were talking to passers by about Islam and giving away copies of the Koran, which I noticed were printed in Saudi Arabia. I understand that Saudi Arabia is using its oil revenues to finance Islamic missionary activity. Is this correct?

    I asked them about the Hajj, which all of them had done, their understanding of Jihad (striving to be a good Muslim), the jizya tax (not at all punitive or repressive in their view), and Shariah law, which he talked about in a positive fashion. I receive news emails from Barnabas Fund and Open Doors, and these emails tell a different story about what Shariah law means in practice.

    Were they being dishonest with me, or are they unaware of what militant Islam is doing in the world?

  3. Hi Ross - that Koran printed in Saudi Arabia will almost certainly explain (in the footnotes) the doctrine of jihad as warfare. Yes, the term 'jihad' is also used for striving to be a good Muslim, but they were perhaps not giving you the whole story: I cannot be sure without knowing more about them.

    The idea that jizya was a normal tax is often expressed by Muslims (see my book The Third Choice which discusses such arguments). You can assume that they believed this, although it is not historically accurate.

    Yes, many Muslims will say sharia is good - the pious must do so because sharia is a core part of the faith. But it is not good at all.

  4. One of them also spoke in favour of polygamy, and said some offensive comments about Jewish people and their alleged control of the international banking system.

  5. I find it ironic that Muslims like living in the west with all the great utility and freedom that a western society has, yet want to introduce 7th century sharia law, a practice that has abjectly failed in the countries they left. If the introduction of Sharia were successful western society would almost certainly decline, as freedom of speech and the tradition of inquiry and criticism essential for a vibrant scientific and cultural life disappear.

    The UK has instituted a trial Sharia court. They have caved in to the mullahs. Now women can be overtly discriminated against in these courts using Sharia. They do have legal recourse to civil courts but you can bet they will be coerced to use the Sharia courts.

    Austria now has blasphemy law. Its the start of the new inquisition. Germany allows polygamy...

    Where does this stop?

    The only short term solution I can see is limiting the number Muslims we have as immigrants.

  6. Hello Mark, I've just discovered this blog. It's so good to be able to access more of your writing. Your lucidity on this subject is second to none. I read The Third Choice about a year ago and it helped me clarify my understanding so much.


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