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Friday, January 6, 2012

Outlawry in Egypt: the disturbing case of Sayyid Al-Qemany, friend of freedom

This post has been moved. It can be viewed here.


  1. Fantastic article! Thank you for taking the time to research and post.

  2. Thank you Mark for once again standing up against the tide. When you think that during a Christmas service the Koran was read at the University of London it is horrific how far we have allowed our culture and heritage to be usurped. Even though Christians are being persecuted abroad, many Christians do not respond to the threat of Islam in any way whatsoever. What I do not understand is how many westerners convert to Islam, especially women. They then become very zealous. I would not have known about Al-Qemany and if it wasn't for your blog.

  3. Mark, I did submit a comment or rather a question, but have had no response. I would have been interested in your thoughts.

  4. L Newington, your post was off topic, so I didn't let it through. In response to it: no I doubt whether Amnesty International etc will take up such an issue.

  5. "January 2, 2012 a debate was filmed between Al-Qemany and popular Al-Azhar sheikh and celebrity television presenter Kaled al-Gindy" Are you aware of the YouTube removal of this video? The message from YouTube is that the video has been removed because of multiple complaints of infringement of 3rd party rights.

    I am very disappointed. If anyone knows how to access this video, please post it here. And perhaps the link above can be updated.

  6. This is the message for another link to a video on YouTube in which Al Qemany speaks in Arabic about the assault on him by Fadel Soliman:

    The YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated due to multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement.

    Wonder if MEMRI has it? Will take a look


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