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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Calling for Violent Jihad in Australia

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  1. The Koran is an evil book in my opinion, and is proven to be so by the trail of murder and mayhem perpetrated by Islam accross the centuries. Anyone who reads it must see that it has no moral message to offer like other holy books, but seems only intent on dominating all other religions, such is its supremacist message.

  2. Responded here, with a backlink and links to TNQ, Tafsir Ibn Kathir, Risala, hedaya and Bukhari.

  3. Any clear thinking muslim must be embarrassed about the koran and what it extols. And those capable of honest thought in the West must realise that islam brings nothing of any benefit to their new host cultures. In terms of culture and technology everything that they want - the West already has - that's why they moved here in the first place. And pretty much everything they have - the West does not want or need.

  4. I've just started to read the Koran, to educate myself about Islamic theology. It's going to be a real slog to finish it, having to read through its repeated, vile descriptions of Jews and other non-Muslims.


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