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Friday, May 31, 2013

Islamophobia Comes to Canberra

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  1. I did see this article in The Australian and I wrote to the 2 chancellor's involved expressing my concern about them threatening the students involved with academic withdrawal for merely speaking unpalatable truths about Islam. However, I received no response.

  2. Very interesting article. What has happened to free speech in Australia? This is not the Middle East. However why do I feel aprehensive about putting my name to this mild comment?

  3. Hi Mark

    The complainant who was reported to have told the Woroni editor "you could get shot for that sort of thing in Pakistan" was the Student Officer of the Muslim dominated and led International Students Association, Muhammad Taufiq bin Suraidi ('Taufiq'). Its amazing he wasn't called on that and asked to explain what he meant as it could be interpreted as a threat. Why the Woroni editor didn't point out that we are not in Pakistan and in Australia NOBODY is killed for saying anything about any religion is a mystery. ANU is my old uni ('77) and I worked on Woroni too - it beggars belief that Woroni kowtowed to that threat but that the Chancellery also got involved as it did itself threatening punitive measures if the editors of Woroni didn't comply! I was staggered to read about this. In the ANU of old such an intervention would never had occurred and if it had, the Chancellor's offices would have been occupied by belligerent students (they did so at the time with far less provocation). It shows just how far we have sunk in making constant apologies and excuses for Islam. In doing so we are tolerating the intolerant and I fear the very freedoms we take for granted will be under even great threat from within.

  4. International students, who travel to study away from home, should expect to be exposed to the culture of the country they traveled to study in. They are not supposed to attempt to subjugate their hosts to their own home culture.
    I believe, if our universities fail to understand their roll in promoting the Western culture, especially the values of freedom and human rights, to their oversees students, they have failed to educate those international students. Instead, they have accepted their payment in return for lending them the platform of Australia's highest education institutes to promote their own home culture.


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