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Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Dhimma Returns to Syria

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  1. Christianity about to be extinguished in the cradle of its birth. The world's media have paid great attention to the Syrian civil war and in particular the opposition including al Qa'ida affiliates and other Sunni extremists as well as the Shiite Alawites and Lebanese Hezbollah who oppose them. Little if anything has been said about the sizable Christian minority in Syria. Unfortunately in countries where they are persecuted Christians minorities have been forced to align themselves with whoever is in power in order to obtain some protection. However, if this leadership suddenly changes, such as seen recently in Iraq, these Christians immediately become vulnerable again and are often subjected to greater persecution. If the Sunni opposition wins, a terrible fate may await them - the Christian minority could be exterminated. I don't see the White House or the UN factoring that into their calculations on Syria.

  2. Maybe we should embrace and accelerate the islamic psychosis. Perhaps it is so deeply ingrained in their psyche that the black & white world they're creating is ineluctable.

    One dar-al-islam where we send all our muslims who refuse to divorce mass-murderer muhammad.
    One dar-al-normal for the rest of us, but where we welcome all who genuinely flee the madness. Wide open doors for them.

    Muslims are educated in islamic bloody history, and offered support in converting to any non-muslim religion or humanism, but we ban Islam.

    Big well-defended wall. No trade. No exchange of any kind. See how they like it. I bet our own cultures would thrive as never before.

    1. There are 3 reasons why that will never happen and I will spell them out for you O I L.

      Until all the oil and gas has gone from muslim lands non muslims will be threatened. As soon as it has gone they will be back to how they were before within a year.

  3. Pray Stand up speak out for our brothers & sisters in Christ. They suffer the worst persecution in any time in history. What really puzzles me that our Western governments & media do not speak out or report the truth. Men women & children are being kidnapped tortured ransomed & still sold into slavery. Many martyred & those left behind to try & fend for them selves in appalling conditions. Denied education need to have higher marks for University entrance. Last to be employed. Even being the last to access emergency relief sometimes not at all We are continually told that Islam is a peaceful religion. WHERE?


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