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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Letter to the Sydney Morning Herald on "Twisting Islam to Justify Cruelty" by Paul Sheehan

This post has been moved.  It can be read HERE.


  1. Thanks again for the patient and careful exposition of the real issues in this arena Mark.

    Sadly, it will take much more pain before our cultural/political leaders really begin to take notice. Come to think of it, the lack of cultural leadership is a big factor in why we are where we are.

  2. Your point that "There needs to be a conversation about radical Islamic theology and its Koranic foundations" is well made. Stephen Collins Coughlin issued the challenge in his thesis “TO OUR GREAT DETRIMENT”: IGNORING WHAT EXTREMISTS SAY ABOUT JIHAD"

    "[T]he Current Approach is grounded in “moderate” concepts of Islam starting with the assumption that Islamic-based extremism is aberrant and that Islam has become a “religion hijacked.” The consequence of (uncritically) accepting this assumption is that it brings with it an unstated corollary that because extremists do not represent “true” Islam, Islam itself should be excluded from analytical processes that support threat development."


  3. In fact, Breivik's Christian credentials were, if anything, grossly exaggerated by the media. Only a few days ago, when reporting on the anniversary of Breivik's rampage, the Spanish news channel 24 Horas described him as a Christian fundamentalist.


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