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Friday, February 7, 2014

Response to A GUIDE TO REFUTING JIHADISM – Critiquing radical Islamist claims to theological authenticity

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  1. Seems like there is a typo in the first paragraph :"its use of Islamic sources is flawed and convincing,"
    It should have UNconvincing.

  2. Wasn't Muhammad's quarrel with the Jews of the Qurayza tribe that he had instructed the Jews to cease Usury, and then he found they had not done so, and therefore in punishment the men were killed as they were deemed all to have benefited from usury and not tried to stop others in the tribe from it. The agreement Muhammad had with the Jews was they could live peacefully in Medina with the non-Jews as long as Usary was not practised As soon as they broke that deal, they were able to be punished, and the debts they had arranged would be wiped out by their deaths.

    1. I believe this is all made-up, and is not part of Islamic history. Ibn Ishaq's "Life of Muhammad" - the earliest biography of Muhammad - makes no mention at all of usury in connection with the Jews of Medina. Ibn Ishaq also give the text of the treaty Muhammad made with the Jews of Medina: there is no mention in it of usury.

      But do you have an authentic source for this story?


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